Kawaii Fair – 4 days to go!!

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The Kawaii Fair is in its last days and will close on the 28th April! So if you havent been to visit already! then now is the time to go.

The First week was very busy and im sure alot of peeps got stuck in lag hell!! but the traffic has died down now and so you can have a relaxed walk around and see what all the awesome designers have created for u all, all in the name of cuteness!! ❤

A V | S A G E  Have some cutey skins called MyoKi and they come in Milk and Tan and each tone has 12 makeups.

The price is low at only $300L for the fair only after fair ends these will be instore at normal store price.

+++ 16 different cutey finnish satchels priced at $199L + cute sneakers a little unique also priced @ $199L. see slideshow for pics x

Also at the fair you will find gifts and freebies and also at the bazaar building u will find many goodies from the designers all priced between $1L –  $10L   So go! go! go! whilst its still going!! remember fair closes on 28th ❤ Horse and Cart to the Fair


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